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Arts and Culture

CNN: The last of Hong Kong's original wooden junk boats is still afloat


The Economist: Hong Kong – Asia’s Capital of Art


The Economist: How Hong Kong Became a Hub for Asia's Biggest Art Deals


The Economist: The evolution of Asia's Art Hub


Euronews: East meets West in Asia's cultural capital


Euronews: Hong Kong's new business and cultural normal


Forbes: Hong Kong’s Cultural Events Show Resilience As Well As Innovation To Adapt


Wall Street Journal: Hong Kong's Growing Cultural Cachet


CNBC: A New Normal: Resilience of a Digital Economy


CNBC: Bringing a pandemic to heel


Bloomberg: Asia's World City: Gateway to the Future


The Economist: Hong Kong: Asia’s Green Finance Hub


The Economist: Hong Kong - Your Smart Choice for Family Offices


The Economist: Hong Kong connects the Belt and Road Initiative to the world


Euronews: Hong Kong's new business and cultural normal


Financial Times: Driving Hong Kong's Workforce


Financial Times: Hong Kong: Rethinking Finance


Forbes: A Dynamic Business Environment Where Fundraising Thrives


Monocle: Make it in Hong Kong. Business as a way of life


The Monocle: Time to take a fresh look at Hong Kong


Quartz: From Breweries to Boardrooms, Hong Kong Rolls Out the Welcome Mat for Talent


Quartz: Discover Asia's Most Promising Entrepreneurial Hub


Wall Street Journal: The Start-up Journey


Wall Street Journal: What Attracts Global Talent to Hong Kong


The Economist: How Hong Kong Becomes Asia's Education Hub


CNN: A Sustainable Passion


CNN: Call to Nature


CNN: How to visit two of Hong Kong's most remote islands in one day


CNN: Meet the man who's climbed every peak and visited every island in Hong Kong


CNN: Peak Potential


CNN: Reconnect Hong Kong


The Economist: Hong Kong is winning at eSports


Bloomberg: From Toys to Ticker Tape to Tech


CNBC: What Will Fuel the Future of Fintech?


Financial Times: Fintech and the Regulatory Evolution


Financial Times: Hong Kong's Fintech Transformation


Forbes: Hong Kong’s Fintech Industry Booms As Consumers Turn To Mobile Solutions


New York Times: Start-ups, buckle up for Hong Kong's fintech highway


New York Times: A Start-up Strategy: Made in Mainland China, Designed in Hong Kong

Greater Bay Area

Bloomberg: Asia’s Connection Point for Change


Bloomberg: How Hong Kong's financial leadership can power the Greater Bay Area


CNBC: Hong Kong: Pulse of the Bay - Where Innovation Meets Connectivity


The Economist: Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area: Connecting opportunities


Financial Times: Global Engagement Proves Key to the Greater Bay Area


Financial Times: Hong Kong: Gateway to the Greater Bay Area


New York Times: A Start-up Strategy: Made in Mainland China, Designed in Hong Kong


Wall Street Journal: Sitting on the dock of the bay


Euronews: How Hong Kong used homegrown tech to fight COVID-19


SCMP: 3 Hong Kong hi-tech firms’ rapid response helps detect signs of Covid-19


SCMP: How traditional Chinese medicine is helping to fight Covid-19

Innovation and Technology

CNBC: Hong Kong becoming an R&D powerhouse


Euronews: Hong Kong’s proving it’s the place to be for high tech start-ups


The Economist: Think biotechnology, think Hong Kong


The Economist: Working for a digital economy


Financial Times: Hong Kong lures innovators as Asia-Pacific tech hub


Financial Times: Staying Safe: Rising to the challenge


Financial Times: The new normal: Moving forward


Forbes: Right Mix Of Government Support, Finance And Talent Make Hong Kong A Major Biotech Hub


Quartz: Looking for a unicorn? Head to Hong Kong


SCMP: Hong Kong battles COVID-19's third wave with local innovations

Law and Legal Services

Bloomberg: The Legal Services Powerhouse in the Heart of the Orient


CNBC: The Future of Law - How AI is reshaping legal services


The Economist: The ‘game changer’ for Hong Kong arbitration


Financial Times: Hong Kong: Embracing technology in arbitration and mediation


New York Times: How Talent, Location and Global Links Drive Hong Kong’s Legal Tech Scene

Trade and Logistics

Bloomberg: From the Skies to the Seas - Hong Kong to Boost Greater Bay Area Connectivity


Bloomberg: The Strategic Logistics Hub in the Heart of Asia


The Economist: Hong Kong Supply Chains


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