October 20 - 25, 2018


Enhanced connectivity with mega bridge

Major cities in the Pearl River Delta are now within a three-hour commute from Hong Kong, when the world’s longest sea crossing – the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge – opened to traffic on Oct 24. Chinese President Xi Jinping, joined by Chief Executive Carrie Lam and other dignitaries, officiated at a ceremonial opening of the 34-mile engineering feat.


Staying the course to a low-carbon future

Hong Kong is committed to waste reduction and a low-carbon future. Echoing the Paris Agreement, the city had released its Climate Action Plan 2030+ earlier with the aim of cutting its carbon footprint by as much as 70%, said Secretary for Environment Wong Kam-sing (Oct 25). This would be achieved by phasing down coal-fired electricity generation and supporting the use of renewable energy. There’s planned legislation to charge municipal solid waste and incentives to reduce waste by 20%. 

Wine hub

Global center for wine trade and auctions

Hong Kong has emerged as Asia's wine hub and a global center for wine trading and auctions, said Financial Secretary Paul Chan, at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival (Oct 25). In the first half of this year, the city imported US$769 million worth of wine from all over the world, representing a 9% year-on-year growth. The top three wine importers were France, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Business & Finance

Hong Kong pitches in infrastructure funding

As a member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Hong Kong is contributing US$10 million to the agency’s Project Preparation Special Fund to aid and support low-income countries in infrastructure projects. Financial Secretary Paul Chan said he looked forward to the AIIB to leverage on Hong Kong as a hub to seek investors and financing partners.


Opportunities abound in Hong Kong

Spotlighting Hong Kong’s vibrant start-up scene and robust economy, Director of HKETONY Joanne Chu encouraged students, young professionals and entrepreneurs to pursue further studies and careers in Hong Kong. Speaking at the University of Pennsylvania (Oct 23), Ms Chu also highlighted the raft of admission schemes that aim to attract quality talents to the city. Some students shared their summer internship experience in the city on the same occasion.

Community Development

Hong Kong’s first inclusive playground

Hong Kong’s first playground that embraces inclusivity will open to the public later this year. The Tuen Mun Park Inclusive Playground will allow children of different ages and abilities to have the opportunity to enjoy the same play experience without any barriers. It incorporates features such as a wheelchair trampoline, stainless steel slides for kids with cochlear implants, roller embankment slide for the disabled and a bird’s nest swing for kids and parents to play together.

Basic Law

Hong Kong and its Basic Law

The Basic Law (BL) is the constitutional document of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). Put into effect on July 1, 1997, it enshrines within a legal document the important concept of “One Country, Two Systems". 

Q: Have the laws previously in force in Hong Kong been maintained?

A: The Basic Law provides that laws previously in force in Hong Kong, that is, the common law, rules of equity, ordinances, subordinate legislation and customary law, shall be maintained and adopted as laws of the HKSAR, except for any that contravenes the Basic Law, and subject to any amendment by the HKSAR legislature. (BL Articles 8; 18; 160)

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