August 31 - September 6, 2017

Rule of law

Prosecutors remain apolitical

Director of Public Prosecutions Keith Yeung, SC, reiterated the impartiality and political neutrality in every prosecution taken by the Department of Justice in 2016. Mr Yeung  said, “Personal feelings, the possible political effects of our decisions on any entities including the government, possible media or public reaction to the decision, to name a few, are all such irrelevant considerations. In this clear mindset, pressure has no influence on us, except as extra motivation for the prosecution to strive even harder.” Details here.


“Starter Homes” for the younger generation  

Chief Executive Carrie Lam will unveil a new home ownership program “Starter Homes” for the young when she delivers her first Policy Address next month. She hoped the initiative plus the continuous efforts to increase land supply as well as to seek consensus on securing land will help to meet the housing needs and aspirations of local first time homebuyers.


Outreach to the youth

Chief Executive Carrie Lam said the government will set up a high-level Youth Development Commission, to be chaired by Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung, to reach out and to connect with the young people of Hong Kong. Apart from identifying economic opportunities, they should be given more opportunities to participate in public affairs, she said.


Explore FinTech opportunities in Hong Kong

Join Chief Head of Fintech at Invest Hong Kong Charles d’Haussy at a luncheon discussion (Sep 11) in Chicago to discuss potential business growth and opportunities for US Fintech companies. Mr. d'Haussy and his team provide assistance to international Fintech companies to establish or expand their business presence in Hong Kong. To register or find out more about this event, click here.

Belt and Road Initiative

Second Belt and Road Summit to be held in September

Adopting the theme “From Vision to Action”, the second Belt and Road Summit, will be held in Hong Kong (Sep 11), with global government and business leaders discussing such issues as infrastructure investment, ASEAN opportunities, as well as Hong Kong Advantages. The summit will also feature business matching sessions to help forge cooperation between businesses and service providers.

Basic Law

Hong Kong and its Basic Law

The Basic Law (BL) is the constitutional document of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). Put into effect on July 1, 1997, it enshrines within a legal document the important concept of “One Country, Two Systems.”

Q: Can foreign enterprises still participate fully in Hong Kong's economy?

A: Yes. Hong Kong welcomes and encourages the participation of foreign enterprises, and provides a level playing field for all. There are no foreign exchange controls in Hong Kong and no restrictions on the trading of gold, securities, futures and the like. The Basic Law stipulates that Hong Kong shall maintain the status of a free port, pursue the policy of free trade and safeguard the free movement of goods, intangible assets and capital. (BL Articles 112; 114; 115)

Hong Kong Basic Law


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