Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, New York
Hong Kong


Remarks by Director-Designate of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, New York,
Joanne Chu at Media Session (July 26, 2017)

Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Joanne Chu, and I’m very pleased to have been appointed Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office here in New York. I’ll be succeeding Steve Barclay on July 31st.

• The mission of our office is to promote and strengthen business, trade and cultural ties between Hong Kong and the 31 eastern states of the US. I’m glad that I’ll be able to be a part of that important work in the years to come.

• A little bit about myself – before coming to New York, I worked as the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs for four years. In US terms, that’s something like being a cabinet secretary's chief of staff.

• Before that, I worked at the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels from 2008 to 2012. While I was there, I worked to promote bilateral ties between Hong Kong and the European Commission, as well as the member states of the European Union.

• I have also served in several policy bureaux and departments in Hong Kong, including the former Financial Services Bureau, which was responsible for banking and monetary affairs. I joined the Hong Kong SAR Government in September 2001.

• During my time here in New York, I hope to promote Hong Kong to the US on many levels, and explore more opportunities for the US business and professional in Hong Kong, and China.

• Another one of my goals is to help provide people here with a greater understanding of Hong Kong, its culture, and its unique position as a global city and a gateway to China.


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