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Hong Kong classics featured at Kung Fu Fest in New York City

HKETONY Director Steve Barclay gives welcome remarks at the opening-night reception of the Old School Kung Fu Fest.

A packed house watches the opening-night screening of Sammo Hung's "Pedicab Driver" at the Old School Kung Fu Fest.

From right: HKETONY Director Steve Barclay, Subway Cinema Executive Director Samuel Jamier and Metrograph CEO Ethan Oberman attend opening night.

The sixth annual Old School Kung Fu Fest, organized by Subway Cinema, featured eight films produced by Hong Kong’s Golden Harvest studio, the first time the three-day festival exclusively featured Hong Kong kung fu classics.

The festival, which ran from April 8-10 in New York City’s Metrograph theater, highlighted films such as Bruce Lee’s masterpiece “Enter The Dragon” (1973), Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao’s “The Prodigal Son” (1981), Jackie Chan’s North American breakthrough “Rumble In The Bronx” (1995) and cop flick “Big Bullet” (1996).  

Director of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York (HKETONY) Steve Barclay lauded the festival organizers for their efforts to bring the best of Hong Kong cinema to the New York audience.

He said the government continues to support the film industry through a series of measures and funding, highlighting efforts to nurture new talent, promote Hong Kong films abroad and attract overseas production crews to Hong Kong for location filming, production and post-production activities.

HKETONY was a sponsor of the festival.


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