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New tracking product launches in Hong Kong

CEO and co-founder of IPTP Networks Vladimir Kangin says Hong Kong is an ideal location for a new product from his international Internet service provider, systems integrator and software development company.

International Internet service provider, systems integrator and software development company IPTP Networks, which acquired Hong Kong telematics company Wherr in 2013, recently launched the Wherr GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) tracking product in Hong Kong.

The Wherr GSM can trace the location of people or items carrying a card-size device within a 250-meter range from any widespread mobile infrastructure in Hong Kong. Its applications range from logistics to access control, and it also features wide-area location-based services. The company is also developing a low-cost Wi-Fi tracker, which will have an even higher location accuracy of less than a 25-meter radius and longer battery life.

IPTP Networks CEO and co-founder Vladimir Kangin said Hong Kong is one of the leading global business hubs. Many companies need to track their assets both locally and globally.

“Such a high demand in tracking solutions, combined with its well-connected network and close proximity to the world's leading manufacturing facilities in the southern Mainland, makes the city a perfect place to launch our new product,” he said.


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