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International dining group opens Causeway Bay restaurant

Bulldozer Group opens its first seafood restaurant, "Seafood Room," in Hong Kong.

Dubai-based Bulldozer Group, an international boutique-investment and brand-management company specializing in the food and beverage industry, opened its first seafood restaurant, “Seafood Room,” in Causeway Bay as part of its expansion into mainland China and Asia.

Barbara Kukhno, Bulldozer Group’s business development director, said Hong Kong is a vibrant city with a mixed culture.

“With a local population that loves to dine out and a high demand for business entertainment, it is a fantastic market for a new venture like us,” she said.

The Hong Kong office is the regional headquarters for the group, which plans to open three more restaurants and clubs in Hong Kong in the coming two years. The next destinations are top-tier cities in mainland China, such as Shanghai and Beijing.


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