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Yale-China arts fellows gain insight from residency program

Director of HKETONY Steve Barclay (center) with arts fellows Parry Ling (right) and Hao Yang.

Steve Barclay (left) with Yale-China Association executive director David Youtz at the International Festival of Arts and Ideas.

HKETONY Arts Fellows of the Yale-China Arts Fellowship program, Parry Ling and Hao Yang, have returned to Hong Kong after a six-month arts and cultural residency and exchange program in several U.S. cities, including New Haven, Conn.; Boston; New York and Louisville, Ky.

As the first arts fellows under the program sponsored by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York (HKETONY) and administered by the Yale-China Association, they returned home with much cross-cultural and interdisciplinary arts experience and inspiration, gained under the tutelage of practicing artists and professors at Yale.

Mr. Ling, a sculptor and cross-disciplinary visual artist, presented his research work, including a live demonstration of Chinese scale craftsmanship and sculpture experiment, at Iseman Theater in New Haven.

Mr. Yang, a contemporary dancer, presented “Pied-A-Terre,” which speaks to his experience, juxtaposed by both Eastern and Western influences. The work was a collaboration with Jessica Rizzo, a playwright and fine arts doctorate candidate at Yale.

Earlier in Louisville, the fellows collaborated with local artists, innovators and organizations to develop their projects, sharing their knowledge via talks and presenting their works at the city’s first Smoketown Arts Festival.

They returned to Hong Kong in mid-July to continue working and fine-tuning their projects, and will return to New Haven to present their work at the International Festival of Arts and Ideas next June.

Chinese scales that are part of Parry Ling's studio at the International Festival of Arts and Ideas.

Hao Yang (right) and Jessica Rizzo conduct a Q&A session with the audience following the "Pied-A-Terre" performance.


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