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Curatorial museum practices shared at New York City talk

(From left) Head of Communications and PR for HKETONY Claudia Yeung, Museum Director of the Hong Kong Museum of Art Eve Tam, Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of New York Mary Wadsworth Darby and Curator of the Museum of Chinese in America Herb Tam at the June 30 talk held at HKETONY.

Eve Tam of the Hong Kong Museum of Art gives an overview of the renovation of the museum, beginning in August.

The mission of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the largest of its kind in the territory, is to bring art in its true form to the audience, Museum Director Eve Tam said in New York on June 30.

She said the closure of the museum for a major three-year renovation aimed to increase exhibition space and upgrade its facilities. During the closure, her office will focus on promoting art literacy and appreciation among school students. She also shared some ideas of future museum programming.

The talk, held in New York, was organized by the Hong Kong Association of New York and sponsored by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office New York (HKETONY).

Speaking at the same event, Herb Tam, curator and director of exhibitions at the Museum of Chinese in America, gave an overview of the evolution of the New York art scene since the 1960s, especially in regard to artist-run nonprofit spaces and commercial galleries and the city’s early gallery scene.

More than 50 guests attended the talk. Many expressed keen interests in art and the relationship between art and business that has led to the vibrant art scene in Hong Kong the past few years.


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