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U.S. beef import restrictions further lifted

The importation requirements of all boneless and bone-in beef products from the U.S. to Hong Kong have been further relaxed. This follows the loosening of the importation measures from February last year.

With the increased ease on restrictions, Hong Kong has become one of the most liberal economies and a promising export market in the Asia Pacific region for U.S. beef, presenting excellent opportunities to U.S. beef exporters.

Hong Kong is the fourth-largest export market for U.S. beef (US$823 million in 2013) and the sixth-largest export market for agricultural products (US$3.9 billion).

Effective June 17, bone-in beef products (excluding cuts with vertebral columns from cattle 30 months of age and older), tongue (no tonsils), oxtail and offal (no distal ileum) are allowed to be imported from the U.S.

Since February 2013, beef rib cuts and other bone-in beef (except vertebral column cuts) from cattle less than 30 months old and deboned beef from cattle of all ages have been allowed to be imported from the U.S.


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